Migrating to VoIP and UC

NetPlus® VoIP/UC Transtion Tool (VTT) can reduce your implementation time by 400%!

The VoIP Transition Tool will help your organization realize the cost savings of VoIP rapidly and more accurately by automating the transition between your legacy and VoIP PBX. After migration, the tool provides an easy and automated mechanism for bulk changes within your voice infrastructure, providing savings year over year.

The Transition Tool will:

  • Export data from your current switch
  • Provide the capability to map your legacy environment to the new VoIP environment based on rules that you select
  • Enable you to load ranges of numbers to be automatically provisioned – saving hours of manual entry into the switch

The power of NetPlus VTT is that it allows you to transition users in the most organized, efficient, and least invasive manner while still maintaining control of both your new and legacy systems. It allows your organization to focus on connecting the new phone sets, training users on the new features, and most importantly realizing the cost savings of VoIP much faster than you would ever imagine.