NetPlus® NITRO

A robust extension to the NetPlus product line – meeting today's telecommunications challenges. NetPlus NITRO offers:

  • VoIP Transition Tool – NITRO provides the means to rapidly transition your workforce from legacy switches to VoIP. Automate the capture of existing phone configurations and let NITRO provision the new phones.
  • Wireless Expense Management – NITRO provides a comprehensive solution for managing your mobile assets. Gain control of your mobile assets, by understanding what devices and plans you have and how much you are actually spending. Web-based user registration enables rapid inventory validation to supplement NITRO's invoice-based analysis of inventory.
  • Process your orders electronically, eliminating paper. Identify overcharges and provide dispute tracking and resolution. NITRO provides Mobility Managers the ability to track mobile spend rates by vendor and contract.
  • Telecom Expense Management – NetPlus NITRO solves the hassle of stare and compare over piles of invoices. Automatically input vendor invoices and let NITRO analyze the data and find the overcharges to dispute. Then present a single, correct bill to your user and authorize payment.
  • SmartMAP – NetPlus NITRO provides a single solution for maintenance access to local and remote network elements, eliminating truck-rolls while improving response times and service restoration times. NITRO provides the ability to save command masks for re-use, providing significant labor savings and reducing data entry errors.
  • WorkFLOW – Capture your complex ordering processes and rules while going green and eliminating paper. User configurable interface provides a dynamic tool for handling process changes. Eliminates duplicate data entry by capturing the data once, and enables rapid review of funding and engineering attachments.